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September 18-19, 2015

Invitation to the 2015 Eastern Zone Convention

All RCL members and guests are welcome to join us

The Executive Meeting will be on September 18th, 2015 for Zone Officers at 7:00PM.

The Convention meeting will be on September 19th, 2015 at 1:00 PM for Officers, Delegates and Guests. After the business at hand, the Election of Officers will occur. Installation of the newly elected Officers will occur prior to the dinner.

Sept. 27, 2014

Front row, left to right: Ray Miller, Judy Miller, Kathi Macgregor
Back row, left to right: Sue Ortez, Gord Bennett, Bill Carpenter, Dann Oliver, Reg Slaymaker

September 27, 2014

Left to right: Dann Oliver, Ray Miller, Judy Miller, Kathi Macgregor, Bill Carpenter, Reg Slaymaker
2014 RCL Zone Con Report

September 26-27, 2014

RCL Eastern Zone, USA Convention

1Page-Zone-officers-2013-15.pdf - MUST BE REQUESTED

All RCL members and guests are welcome to join us


The RCL Maple Leaf Post 84
1005 East Eleven Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI
Phone #: 248-541-9474
Registration Fee: $5.00

Friday, September 26

Meet and Greet from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM/
Dress: Casual

Saturday, September 27

Post opens at 11:00 AM
Lunch at 12 noon (price to be determined)
Convention Meeting begins at 1:00 PM
Evening Convention Assembly begins at 7:00 PM
Dinner immediately following at about 7:30 PM, price to be determined
Dress: Blue and Greys
Looking forward to seeing you at the Convention.
Yours in Legion Service,
Judy Miller, Commander, The RCL Eastern US Zone

August 17, 2014


On August 17, 2014 the RCL Eastern Zone Commander and 1st Vice Commander made a trip to attend a meeting at the RCL Post 180. The arrangements for our visit were made by Comrade Dean Brassington, who made sure we were very well taken care of. The meeting was held at the Highlander Restaurant with about 12 members in attendance. After the meeting we all enjoyed a delicious meal and good comradeship.
Before we returned home, we were invited to attend a lunch at the NATO facility on the Norfolk Naval Base. We were joined by several Canadians who work at NATO and who had many questions about The Royal Canadian Legion.
A special thanks to the members of RCL Post 180 for allowing us to join them for their meeting and to Comrade Brassington for serving as our escort and personal guide to the many sites on the US Naval bases in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

August 17, 2014

RCL Post 180 Meeting

August 17, 2014

Comrade Dean Brassington and RCL Eastern Zone Commander

August 17, 2014

Sign on the Naval Base

August 17, 2014

The NATO Building on the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia

August 17, 2014

One of many ships in the harbor.

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2014 Dominion Convention Minutes - PDF Format

Dominion Convention

Left to Right - Back Row

Valerie Corbeil, European Zone
Kelly French, Chapal, Mexico - Western Zone
Jocelyn (Josh) Gelinas, European Zone
Judy Miller, Eastern Zone
Robert Edmonds, Western Zone
Ray Miller, Eastern Zone
Mary Oliver, Eastern Zone

Front Row

Dann Oliver, Eastern Zone
Ralph Schauer, Western Zone

Hello All Comrades,

It gives me much pleasure to give you a report on the 45th Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The following are the newly elected Officers of the RCL Dominion Command:

President: ​Tom Eagles, AB
1st Vice President :​David Flannagan, NFLD/LAB
Vice-Presidents: Tom Irvin, QC
Andre Paquette, ONT
Ed Pigeaum, ONT
Treasure:​Mark Barham, ALB/NWT
Chairman:​Jack Frost, ONT

In addition to reviewing and voting on over 70 resolutions, the election of Officers, presentations of committees and guests, we were able to get to know our fellow Comrades from the Western Zone and European Zone. The RCL Dominion Command provided a room for the Zones to caucus in, which we put to good use. There were about 966 delegates in attendance and even the weather cooperated, no rainy days

Now for some news that directly affects all of us. There was a resolution to raise the Dominion per-capita tax by $5.00. This was soundly defeated by the floor. It was strongly recommended from the floor that Dominion Command needed to curtail it's spending before an increase in per-capita tax would be considered. Those present from the DC Zones voted against the increase in block. So, there cannot be an increase in the Dominion per-capita tax for the next two years. I am sure there will be another resolution addressing this at the next RCL Dominion convention in 2016.

Another resolution that was defeated was to reduce membership categories to two, "Veteran and Non-Veteran". There was great opposition to deleting "Associate Membership" as a category.

I hope this finds you all well and we are looking forward to seeing you in September at the RCL Eastern Zone Convention.

Yours in Comradeship.

Commander Judy Miller RCL Eastern Zone USA

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May 2, 2014 Executive Meeting Minutes - PDF format

Executive Meeting

Picture above

Left to Right

Bill Carpenter-Finance
Gorden Bennett-Service/Chaplain
Dann Oliver-2nd Vice
Ray Muller-Immed. Past Commander
Judy Miller-Commander
Kathi Macgregor-Adjutant
Reg Slaymaker-Honors and Awards
Ray Miller-1st Vice

Picture below - Right to Left

Kathi Macgregor-Adjutant
Judy Miler-Commander
Ray Miller-1st Vice
Archie Nielson-Newly-elected Commander (Post 594 in Ontario)
David Macgregor, Guest
Judy 2013 logo
September 28, 2013

Convention Meeting Minutes - PDF Format

On September 28, 2013, at the RCL Eastern US Zone Convention hosted by RCL Maple Leaf Post 84 in Royal Oak, Michigan there was a changing of the guard. After 12 years of serving as a dedicated Zone Commander, Ray Mullen decided to step down. Comrade Judy Miller became the newly elected Eastern Zone Commander. Installation of Officers was conducted by Comrade Reg Slaymaker of Post 84 and the Color Guard came from RCL Post 594 in Tecumseh, Ontario with Comrade Armand Rock serving as Color Guard Commander.
Judy and Ray 2013

RCL 2011 logo
September 23, 2011

Convention Meeting

Post 84 Maple Leaf in Royal Oak, Michigan hosted the 2011 RCL Eastern USA Zone Convention on September 23 and 24, 2011. The RCL Eastern Zone USA had the honour of having the Dominion Command President, Pat Varga and Brad White, Dominion Secretary attend. It was a very proud moment when the RCL Eastern Zone USA Commander, Ray Mullen was installed by the Dominion Commander.

Left to right - Zone Commander Ray Mullen, Dominion President Pat Varga and Service Officer Gord Bennett.

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September 2005

Convention Meeting

Ray Mullen Re-elected as Eastern Zone US Commander.

This was taken at the Eastern Zone Convention Sept. 2005
Standing left to right are: Bill Carpenter, Judy Miller, Ray Mullen, Reg Slaymaker, Dann Oliver